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Telling Secrets

When you were a kid, did you ever tell secrets? Did you ever get left out of others who were telling secrets? Someone comes and cups their hand around your ear and whispers so softly that only you can hear it.

In Luke 8, Jesus shares with His disciples about four ways people receive the Word of God. Some receive it on a path…moving and busy….and the enemy comes and brings lies and doubt to replace the Truth given. Some receive it on rocks….hard….no roots so when testing comes, they fall away. Still others receive among thorns….wounding and get caught on them ….worries, desire for riches (workaholics) and pleasures, choke the Word out (sucks the life out of it).

But then, there are those who have a noble (pure, honest, and morally good) and good (eager to learn Truth and ready to bear fruit) heart who hear it, retain it, and through persevering in it, reap a harvest 100x greater than the seed itself. (multiplication)

Then Jesus says some really important things to us:

  1. He who has ears to hear (that’s all of us!) hear! That word means to understand, consider, comprehend, and learn. (vs.8)

  2. There are SECRETS in the Kingdom that are available to those who are close enough to hear them. (vs.9-10)

In Order To Hear A Secret, You Must Be Close

3. Therefore (this is all here for this reason) be careful HOW you listen.

Luke 8:18 “Be careful how you listen.”

Do you listen but in your busyness, the enemy takes it before it takes root? Do you listen but when God tests you in it, you don’t realize and never grow? Do you listen but the wounds and the trappings of the this world suck the life out of you and what God says?

Or are you stopping to get close, so the Father can cup His hand around your ear and share with you the secrets of the Kingdom that will help you in life when applied?

Consider Carefully How You Listen

He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed. The Sovereign Lord has opened my ears.” Isaiah 50:4-5

The Father longs to tell you His secrets but you have to be postured and willing to listen.

You are loved,


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