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The pathway

I remember the very first time I went to the community swimming pool during the hot days of summer in South Georgia. Afraid to get into the water, my Dad slowly carried me in ankle-deep, knee-deep, waist-deep, and then over my head. As I grew older and discovered an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, I recognized that Father God was taking me on a similar journey. He was calling me to follow Him, insinuating a pathway that I was to journey along with Him. Jesus wanted to teach me how to live in a deeper place with Him, and I was ready. This is where my quest began.


In Ezekiel 47, the priest has a vision of water flowing from the Temple, and an angel of the Lord takes Ezekiel ankle-deep, knee-deep, waist-deep, to over the head. Wherever that water flowed, the sweetness of life, fruit, and healing came. Because water is symbolic of the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, I am convinced that Father God wants to take us deeper into His heart, experiencing more and more of His presence and power. I believe God is calling us into the deep, and He is commissioning us to take others with us. The Living Deeper Discipleship Series is that pathway into the depths of God’s heart, teaching us to enjoy His presence and experience His power. 


No matter where you are in your journey with Jesus, there is always an opportunity to go deeper. Jesus longs to lead you into the waters of relationship with Him if you will simply take Him by the hand, and let Him lead you.


So whether you tip-toe, jump, dive, or cannonball in, give Jesus the permission to carry you into the life-giving waters of His presence. Let Him guide you with increasing depths into the life you’ve always wanted and the life He has always longed to give you. 

- Jena








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