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Seize The Shift

For several months now, I have sensed and seen shifting taking place. People are moving from one house to another or one state or sit to another. People are moving positions in a company or moving to a new job. Businesses are closing to open another. Ministries are moving from one area to another. There are A LOT of shifts that are taking place around us and around this nation.

When these shiftings come, we may be tempted to resist it. We may try to hang on to the past. The past was secure, easy, expected, manageable, and predictable. We find ourselves working harder and harder to keep the past alive, when clearly the Lord is shutting that chapter down in order to open a new one. We may fight against the shift, confident that our way is better. We may try to ignore it and hope it goes away. No matter what we try to do, the shift is coming, and if you don’t want to miss God in it, you have to seize it. The Lord has already gone before you and has wells of living water ready for you there!

I would like to suggest and remind you that God is always moving, and God may have you moving and shifting for very important purposes. May I also remind you that to NOT move with Him, is to be disobedient to God, and to shut up the wells He has dug to overflow into your life and the lives of others.

In Genesis 26, the Philistines were so jealous and afraid of the prosperity of Isaac because of the blessings of God, that they filled their wells with dirt to starve them out. Without a water supply, they could not survive.

Ask yourself: Are you trying to shirk the shift? Don’t sabotage your own future! Don’t fill up the wells of blessing, purpose and destiny, that God has for you, by your own fleshly fears and uncertainties. (Remember last week’s blog on dehydration? God has living water that He wants to flow from you! Click HERE to read!)

As I looked outside this morning, I could see the wind blowing the bushes fairly strongly. I also noticed that the wind was not moving the tall trees at all. The Lord said, “the winds of change are coming to the earth.” So let me encourage you today to seize, lay hold of, the shift. Don’t resist it, don’t fight it, don’t shirk it.

Don’t Shirk The Shift, Seize It!

God has some better things ahead of you; some things that all the other past things have been preparing you for. God is moving you to your next mission field, so follow Him, trust Him, and watch what He does!!!!

You are loved,


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