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A Life of Losing

This is the life!” We hear people say this, when they are doing something that they enjoy. We always seem to be looking for something that brings us joy because we lack it so much. When joy eludes us, we crave something that will bring us life. Something that makes our hearts come alive.

What makes your heart

come alive?

Jesus gave us the perfect way to experience life. He said, “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for My sake, the same shall save it.“ Luke 9:24

Jesus said that you find life when you lose it. When you die to self and lose your life to serving and helping others, you will find life. Isn’t it like the world, the flesh and the devil to make us believe that to win in life, we must focus on ourselves? That we have to always be winning, successful, and have financial prosperity in order to experience life and joy?

But Jesus said real life comes when we live a life of losing. That we actually FIND life when we lose all focus on ourselves and love, give, serve, and help others.

LIFE stands for Living In Freedom Everyday, and I can promise you that when you give your life away, you find freedom like no other!

Just as we say “hurt people hurt people”, “healed people heal people”. There is nothing more life-giving than seeing your story help someone else!

Do you want your heart to come alive? Do you want to say “this is the life”? Jesus said it is simple: forget about your own life and go help someone else! That’s where real life is!!!!

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