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My Son

Today is my son, Cole's birthday. March 28, 1991, God saw fit to allow me the amazing privilege of becoming the mother of Daniel Cole Forehand, weighing in at a whopping 8lbs and 11oz.

At the age of 25, my life was changed forever. I had become a mother to the most beautiful baby boy in the whole wide world! I rocked my boy every night before bed. I rubbed his temple as he drifted off to sleep, asking the Father to help him fulfill every purpose for which he was created.

I watched him grow and learn and imagine and create. I saw him engage Father God through worship at a young age. One day, I was worshipping through music, thinking Cole was asleep, only to glance over to see him as a toddler knelt beside me worshipping with me. This was a familiar place for my boy.

I loved watching him produce and direct plays, sing, and grow in his love for fun, even as a little child. Always up for the next big event, his love for Disney, traveling, and discovering new things has been fun to see.

I watched him overcome rejection, overcome temptation, overcome distractions. I saw him become a man of integrity, a man who makes the best of every situation, and a man who meets every problem or chaotic situation with gusto and positivity. My son is an overcomer!

I've watched him become one of the best dads I have ever seen. Cole is present, loving, silly, and self-sacrificing with his children and his beautiful wife. His attentiveness to play and pretend with his kids while exhibiting patience in parenting then is astounding to me. I could watch him all day.

Cole, my love for you is unconditional and unchanging. Nothing you could ever do or not do would make me love you less. My love is fierce and unrelenting. I am so proud to know you, I will always be on your side, and I will always have your back. Never wonder if you are being prayed for. There is no greater gift I could give you. And I hope you know, since the first time I laid eyes on you until the day I close my eyes to reopen them in the presence of Jesus, that I love every part of who you are, now and forever.

Happy Birthday, my son! Your Mama delights in you!

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1 Comment

Julie Etheridge
Julie Etheridge
Mar 28, 2023

Happy Birthday to Cole 🎉 Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you 🎈 happy birthday,happy birthday,happy birthday to you and many more🎂 God bless you Cole,Kelsey and your three beautiful babies!!

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