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Losing Focus

This year, I have seen or heard many people talk about needing to go back to the basics. It seems that life has had a way of stealing what is most important to us; and the only way to retrieve those and return them to their rightful place is to prioritize the basics.

The world tries to train us to multitask so that we will be consumed and overwhelmed. Right now, I could be typing this blog while talking to someone on the phone, carrying on another conversation with a person in the room with me, and checking my emails on my desktop. All at the same time! And let me tell you: you may get a lot accomplished, but you may find that you have not been very effective because nothing got your undivided attention and focus.

A lack of focus can cause a lack of effectiveness in your personal life and in your life as a believer who is to be advancing the Kingdom.

A lack of focus can cause a lack of effectiveness.

Colossians 3:2 says, "Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things."

That’s why this semester, I felt led to encourage everyone to start a small group and go through my study, FOCUS. Focus will help us hear God more clearly so we can follow Him more fully. It gets us back to the basics where He is our main focus, which is in actuality, His rightful place.

It’s so important to me that women find community and press in to the things of the Lord, that if you will purchase 5 books, I will give you the teaching DVDs for FREE!!! Click HERE to order!!!

Let’s get our focus back on the One who deserves it. Let’s get back to the basics of what is really important: Jesus, people, Kingdom, and eternity.

You are loved,


And if you’d like to join me in my home for small group, or would like to join me online, contact me, and I will get you connected!

And if you want to start a small group and/or would like to join with other small group leaders, you can join our Sisterhood Central Facebook page!!!! Click HERE to join us!!!

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