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Gently Powerful

The first annual Deeper Retreat was this past weekend and there are just no words to describe what Father God did over the weekend. I have been overwhelmed with the texts and emails from beautiful women of God who were eternally changed...altered in a deep way, at the retreat.

We worshipped in FREEDOM, and talked about FREEDOM. According to Galatians 5:1, Jesus already gave it to us, we just need to learn how to live like it! That’s why everyone got a FREE book and we are encouraging everyone to grab a local tribe, and go through it together, beginning in January! That gives us 6 weeks to ask the Holy Spirit to give us our tribe of women!

As I sat with the Lord Monday morning, after the retreat, He led me to Psalm 122:1-4.

I was glad when they said unto me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord’.” I had such joyful expectation for the Deeper Retreat and God worked in such incredible ways!

Our feet are standing in your doorway...” God offered us opportunity to go deeper, and we took it! a city closely compacted together.” A sisterhood of unity; one of unified love for one another, even though not uniformed clones of one another.

Where the tribes of the Lord go up, to praise the name of the Lord.” Worship is elevation. Worship is warfare. Worship is exaltation. And when God’s people do it together, authentically and honestly, oh how it pleases the Father! He so delights in our worship! He draws near in such tangible ways, because we are genuinely coming to draw near to Him. (James 4:8)

Psalm 122 is a song of David as he ascended into the Temple, to get in God’s presence. There was a joyful expectation, a door of opportunity for intimacy, a unified approach, and worship.

This is what happened at the Deeper Retreat, and I believe that is why our time was so sweet, so gentle, and yet so powerful!!!! The love of God is so sweet, so gentle, and yet so strong and powerful!!! And His love was felt by everyone who attended. Wow...what a special time we got to experience together!

Perhaps Father God is calling us to do these four things as we approach our time with Him each we approach our corporate times at our we prepare to take tribes all over this country through the FREE study together. Joyful expectation, a door of opportunity for intimacy, a unified approach, and worship.

I can hardly wait to see what happens in our communities, our states, and our nation as we all take women through the FREE study together!!! Can you just imagine what will take place in the heavenlies?!!!! Can you just imagine for a moment what God sees from His throne room, when all of us are seeking FREEDOM together, all over this nation??!!! WOW!!!

So let's do this together!!!

-Pray for God to show you your tribe group. May be 1 or 7! Trust Him!

-Have them buy their books!

-Pick your date and time to begin sometime in January! And let me know that you are joining us!!! It’s gonna be amazing!

Consistent FREEDOM is calling us, and I am ALL IN! Are you?

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1 Comment

Jena Forehand
Jena Forehand
Nov 20, 2020

That is so awesome! We need each other and becoming a part of a sisterhood is so crucial to our becoming! To God he ALL the glory for the Deeper Retreat! Can hardly wait til next year!!!!

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