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When my daughter by marriage, Kelsey, moved to Birmingham, I remember her having to go back to Georgia for an “emissions” approval on her car. They wanted to ensure that she was not giving off too many toxic fumes from her car engine’s exhaust.

I remember as a Children‘s minister that there were days when I would have to tell some of the boys at church, that deodorant was no longer optional for them! Their little sweaty bodies could stink up a room!!

And speaking of what we give off, I like for my house to smell good! It just makes me happy, and I hope, makes visitors feel the same! And now that we are entering Fall, I am making sure that maple, pumpkin, and such fragrances fill the rooms of my home! It brings such joy and warmth!!!

It has been on me all day today to ask myself a very sobering question, “What do I put off or give onto others?”

Do I stink it up or

do I bring joy and warmth?

The Bible says that is is from the overflow of our heart that our mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). It also says that we are the fragrance of Christ (2 Corinthians 2:15)! That makes it pretty obvious that it is God’s desire for us to do the latter!

The trouble comes when we try to muster this on our own instead of receiving God’s love, being grateful, and out of that thankful heart, allowing it to flow to others!!! It is not about what we do, but rather what is in our hearts.

What are you allowing into your heart that is overflowing out of you? What may need to be eliminated or added in order for you to receive and then become a fragrance of Christ?

Receive God’s love, deeply and completely. Be grateful for everything He has given you: food, clothing, shelter, friends, and family. Ask Holy Spirit it to fill you, and let Him fill you to overflow!!!

We all overflow something to others. May God’s sons and daughters emit Jesus.

Join us for The Deeper Retreat and be filled up to overflow!!! For more info and registration: Hope to see you there!!!!💙

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