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by Amy Garrett

I wrote this on my church women's ministry facebook page, but God said go out and my disciples of ALL nations, so if you are a woman who has ever felt alone, abandoned, isolated, fearful, unloved, or unworthy, you need to hear the true word of God. To sit at His feet, and just dwell in His presence.

Is God calling you into a deep place with him? If so, I want to walk with you in that walk. I am inviting YOU into The Sisterhood with me!

In case we have never met, I‘d like to introduce myself! My name is Amy Garrett.

I Love Jesus, I am a Worshipping Warrior, A Daughter of the Father, And a Servant Leader of Living Deeper Ministries!

In March of 2020, I received a phone call from my beautiful, God fearing and very gifted friend, Jena Forehand. She told me that the Lord spoke to her in July 2006, “I am calling out a remnant of people who will follow Me." she said, ”This morning when I woke up, God laid your name upon my heart to be a part of the Living Deeper sisterhood.” As she was telling me this, I recollected 2 years prior that God gave me the word "connection". At that time, I had no idea what that meant, but I started to pray into that word, “connection”. I started leading and attending bible studies, and they were all great, and I learned a lot of things, but there was just something missing still. I was yearning for something more than just another bible study that I would go to on Wednesday night, maybe see people on Sunday, but that was all. I needed connection with others, but mostly with God. I was yearning for something deeper in my relationship and my walk with God. I wanted to dive deep into scripture. So without any hesitation, I said “Absolutely! I'm all in, if that is what God is calling me to do!”

Then last November, we had our first Deeper Retreat in Shocco Springs, Al, and it was amazing. I had to watch it online due to my husband having Covid, and it was still amazing! I can only imagine how much better it would have been to be in the room, and being able to feel the Holy Spirit's presence.

After that, I led a small group at the church called FREE, that was written by Jena. My husband and I did a marriage study with Dale and Jena Forehand on zoom. And this summer, we did the whole book of Proverbs study, verse by verse over zoom with hundreds of women from all over the world! After that I did a deeper dive series of what a Chayil woman looks like with 60 other women going deeper in Scripture and Proverbs 31.

Recently, my husband and I also did the Let's Get Real Marriage study with 7 other couples at the church by Dale and Jena Forehand. And this last weekend was our first vision Retreat of what Living Deeper Ministries and the Sisterhood will look like. With a lot of praying and worship time and just being in the word, it was an undeniable, Holy Spirit-saturated weekend.

So, with that being said....

I would like to personally invite each one of you to join me for The Deeper Retreat in Shocco Springs, AL, on November 12-13!!!!

Registration is open now!

For more information and to register, go to!

I want you ladies to really pray about this, and let the Holy Spirit lead you in this decision to be at this conference. I have already started praying for the women who He is calling to go with me, and to be that remnant He is calling out, that God spoke to Jena.

So, if you are looking for a connection with other women who really just want to walk with God and take others with them, I know that you will find it in the Sisterhood of Living Deeper Ministries. I sure did!

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