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Why Do This?

I have been asked why I do what I do from time to time. I have to be honest, I have asked myself a time or two during difficult circumstances, why, as well! When was the last time, you took a minute to think about what you are doing, and really asked yourself why?

Here's my 3 why's:

1. God called me and chose me to do it. In 2007, God said, "I am calling out a remnant that will follow Me." Remnants might looked like something to discard to some, God sees them as the remaining that will be poured out. 1 Corinthians 1:26 says we are called and chosen. "Called" is similar to an invitation that requires a response. That's what happens to you when the Spirit of God draws you to Himself in salvation. "Chosen" is similar to when Jesus said, "Follow Me" to His disciples. This also requires a response.

What has God called you to and chosen you for?

2. To breath new life in dry bones. Ezekiel 37 speaks of a valley of dry bones in which the angel of the Lord asked Ezekiel to prophesy to them that they may live and have breath in them again. I believe that many in the Church and outside of the Church are dry and empty. While some might look at dry bones and see termination, our God sees rejuvenation! He sees it as an opportunity for a miracle!!!

Where others may see Termination, God sees Rejuvenation

Where are there opportunities for you to breath life on seemingly dead things?

3. To study and proclaim Truth. Several years back, I had noticed how God gave many people their new names. I began to ask God to reveal to me what my new name was in the Kingdom. He said "Student-Proclaimer" and gave me the verse 2 Timothy 1:11 which says, "And of this gospel was appointed a herald and an apostle and a teacher." And that is the sole motivation and desire of my heart.

What is your new name?

In the past, the Church came with Truth and no grace or love. This communicated judgement and a religious spirit. As a result, there was a mass exodus of the younger generation who took to the streets with all love and grace, but no truth. This has resulted in major moral decay. Jesus came with the perfect balance of grace and truth (John 1:14). We have missed God's heart of love in Christianity.

We have missed God's heart of love in Christianity.

So why do I do what I do? Because God called and chose me to be a part of His remnant. Because He is stirring hearts back to the abundant life He gives through revival. Because He wants His loving balance of grace and truth to be restored. Because I believe He is doing a spiritual reset in our nation. And because the Lord wants His Church to do this together as we reunite.

So, take some time with Jesus, and talk with Him about who you are, who He made you to be, what you are to be about, what your new name is, and what you may need to let go of to see the remnant, revived and restored in order to reunite the Church and reset us spirituality. You are needed.

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