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When The House Is Empty

My heart felt empty. My energy sapped. I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. Emotions were all over the place as I struggled with how I felt and how I was told I should feel. My children were gone, and my house was empty. And my life felt hollow.

You see, for 25 years, all I had known was being a Mom. Once Cole and Jorja were born, my husband and I made a decision for me to stay at home and raise our children to know and love the Lord; for me to be the primary source of influence in their lives. And I took it seriously. I gave my life to it. And now, everything that once defined me was no more. I stared out the window where I once stood and watched them leave, and I felt…lost.

I pulled my journal out and questions began to pour out:

What now?

What do I do now?

Who even am I, apart from being Cole and Jorja’s mother?

I realized that when my children walked out the door, so did my identity.

Or did it?

How often our identity can get wrapped up in our activity. When the activity is no longer, does that mean I am worthless? Sometimes we may feel that way, but that is hardly the case.


Who are we on the days when our life’s activities change? We are still a daughter of the Most High God, created with great purpose to fulfill, until we take our last breath. He invited us into His Kingdom, through salvation in Jesus Christ, and He then chose us to bring “His Kingdom come and His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven“.

Our identity is a daughter of the King of Kings

who lives to bring what His Kingdom looks like to this earth.

We taught, learned, and lived the principles of that Kingdom as Mothers, and now, we just continue that mission in a new venue.

So, my sweet women, the book is not closed, a chapter is. There is still much to be written in this new chapter, this new season. God is in this new chapter, this new season. And God was in the old chapters, using every bit of it to prepare us for this new one.

The house that was once busy and loud, has now become quiet. Be still. “Be Still and Know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in te earth. The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.” Psalm 46:10-11

Now listen. Get some focused time to posture yourself to hear from your Daddy about what is next. Let Him be for you what He has not yet been before: Comforter in the loss. Filler of the void. Writer of your next chapter.

You are loved,


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Aug 22, 2020

Although I absolutely understand, I did not experience the empty nest syndrome. Instead, I do miss the face-to-face constant companionship. I am still part of my children's daily lives but from a distance. We maintain regular contact through texts, emails, phone calls, video chats and social media. The positive side— Now, I listen more than I talk. LoL and I have extra time and energy to devote to my marriage and my personal interests. Praise the Lord! God’s gave me the opportunity to reconnect and rekindle.


Jena Forehand
Jena Forehand
Aug 21, 2020

One of my favorite quotes from Graham! He is exactly what we need for every season and situation we face!


I love this!! Graham Cooke was speaking about the presence of God and said in one of his sermons about a year ago, "What is it that you want to be for me now that you couldn't be before? Look and listen for the presence of God!" I wrote that down and put it up at my desk at work. It spoke to me because the seasons of life had changed and God is giving me a new season and new plan. Thank you for that reminder this morning.

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