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Turning The Page

As I was sitting with the Lord, I was pondering fall and the falling of leaves. I was thinking how leaves detach from the tree probably from a jostle of the limb or from a wind strong enough to blow it off. Then it floats on the wind until it finds a resting place.

Many of us may have experienced something that has absolutely jostled you to your core. It was unexpected, and almost surprising, coming from practically out of nowhere. You were not prepared. Sudden job loss. Change. Pain. Death.

I want to encourage you to let the winds of the Holy Spirit carry you gently, purposefully, and lovingly through. I want to encourage you to rest in knowing that He is carrying you and will not leave you. He has you and He has everything under control. He can be trusted.

You know there is a saying we have often heard that says this: “I’m turning over a new leaf.” That phrase originated way back in the 16th century, when pages in books were referred to as leaves. So turning over a new leaf meant that one was turning to a blank page.

Perhaps God is desiring you to turn the page, to turn over a new leaf to a blank piece of paper, because He has some new things He wants to write with your life. Stop trying to erase and write over past pages. They are there and they are a part of your story. But don’t get stuck on that page or that heartache or that “out of nowhere” circumstance. Turn the page. Give God a blank sheet for the days to come.

Ephesians 2:10 says that we are God’s workmanship. That word is “poema” and it is where we get the word “poem”. You are God’s poem. He is writing a beautiful story with your life. So rest in that. Turn the page and surrender the pen to Him.

You are so loved,


Join other women who want to sit before the Lord with a blank sheet and let God write upon their hearts at The Deeper Retreat, November 12-13. For more information and to register, click HERE.

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