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Tuning In

Now I am about to show my age big time, because I remember transistor radios! They were a speaker that had a large dial on the side to help you tune into a certain broadcast on the radio. It had a long antenna on it to help you catch the strongest frequency and you had to turn that dial just so slightly and precisely to get a clear sound. It was quite the task to get clarity! Some even put aluminum foil around the top of the antenna in hopes to attract more connection!

In Proverbs 1:20-33, we discover some things about the value of learning how to “tune in”. We see that wisdom (Spirit revelation to obedient application) can be seen and heard everywhere we go! It’s not just in an educational environment! It’s not even just in your secret place where you spend time with God each day! Wisdom can be found everywhere, even in the busyness of life! BUT, you will only see and hear it if you are tuned in to the fine sounds of the frequency of the Lord’s still small voice.

Wisdom can serve in so many capacities: it warns us; it rebukes us; it counsels us; it guides our choices. In verse 23, it says “Don’t you know that I am ready to pour out my Spirit of wisdom upon you and bring to you revelation of My Words that will make your HEART wise?” Wise revelation from the Word makes our heart wise! Our heart: our will (our choices we act upon) will become wise; our thoughts (what we chose to think about) will become wise; our emotions (our feelings that follow our will and thoughts) will respond wisely. Wow.

But in verse 24, it says, “yet you have turned a deaf ear to My voice.” This begged the question to me: “Am I tuned in to the voice of God or have I tuned Him out?”

Are you tuned into the voice of God or have you tuned Him out?

God puts a promise to us in the last verse for those who are tuned in to His frequency: verse 33: “But the one who always listens to Me will live undisturbed in a heavenly peace.” Peace is promised to us who stay tuned in to wisdom wherever we go. That requires constant communication with the Holy Spirit who guides us into all Truth.

And remember three things about peace: 1) when our thoughts are tuned in we have peace (Philippians 4:8) 2) Jesus is the Prince of Peace and He lives in you (Isaiah 9:6) and 3) Jesus left us with this heavenly peace that is totally different from worldly peace (John 14:27). It’s a peace within, where no matter what kind of chaos is going on around us, we are undisturbed. We are simply remained tuned in to the Holy Spirit to grow us in wisdom.

Time to dial back in.


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