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Today’s The Day!

Last night, I went to the women's prison for small group Bible Study. The ladies were as happy to see me as I was to see them. We hugged and prayed and settled in to watch session 4 of the FIGHT study which teaches about Caleb and him having a "different spirit".

After watching the session, I asked the ladies what the Spirit revealed to them. I was encouraged, challenged and totally fired up listening to what they said. One said in tears that the FIGHT study helped her to see how much the enemy was coming against her and she was too deceived to see it. Another talked about how valuable it is for her to remind her soul not to quit. "Once the fire to keep going goes out, there's only hopelessness. There can be no quit in us."

"Once the fire to keep going goes out, there's only hopelessness. There can be no quit in us."

Many of us are on the precipice of something great happening. The closer we get to our goal, the hotter the enemy turns up his heat on us. He wants us to quit too soon. He wants us to give up. And he will stop at nothing to get us to throw our hands up and quit! Especially the closer we get to what the Lord has for us!

So is the heat turning up in your life? Consider the fact that you are getting closer: closer to freedom, closer to the end of something hard, closer to your calling. And DO NOT QUIT! Keep going! God is with you.

Psalm 46:5 says,

“God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.”

"Break of day" gives us the understanding of the uncertainty of nighttime, what could happen during that time. You may be experiencing a "nighttime" season. God WILL help you. Don't quit! Keep pressing forward!!

Don't let the fire go out. Learn from the ladies in the prison. Hear them speak to you today: There can be no quit in you.

Today is Giving Tuesday. My heart is to get some more of these women out of prison and help them have a second chance in life. We have already helped so many. Would you consider giving today to help us help them?

Click HERE to give, or go to Jena Forehand on Facebook and donate on the Giving Tuesday fundraiser. Every gift counts.

You are loved,


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