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Time to Bless

This past weekend, we celebrated my parent’s 60th anniversary. 60 years committed to one person. 60 years of ups and downs. 60 years of thinking of someone else besides yourself. 60 years of patience. 60 years of faithfulness. 60 years.

For the last several blogs I have talked about the truth that because Jesus is our High Priest that makes you and me priests. As a priest, you get to minister to God, carry His presence wherever you go, and bless

others. The Lord told me to be bold and to honor people with my words, not just writing something short and sweet in a card. It was more like a prompting to say what you need and want to say while you can do it. James 4:14 says, “For you know not what shall be in the Morrow; for what is your life? It’s like a vapor that appears for a little time and then fades away.”

So, for my parent’s 60th anniversary, I took a quick minute to bless and honor my parents with these words, and I pray they will move you to bless those who mean so much to you:

“This is known as the diamond year. And what we know of diamonds is that they are forged over time as varying temperatures and pressures are applied. As the environment changes so does the diamond, making every one of them unique. And though there are times of intense heat and weight, these are the very things that make the diamond strong enough to withstand anything. That is when the crystals form something that sparkles with beauty, starting from the inside and coming out. You two are diamonds. Your marriage is a diamond and we have all been recipients of the beauty of who you both are.

You taught us to know and love Jesus by having devotions called “Little Talks with Jesus” each day. You taught us the importance of the Bible and had us in church every time the doors were opened, including “Girls in Action”, church choir, the Living Christmas Tree, Bible drills, and so much more. You taught us to love others, and to serve others, and still live that example before all of us today as you volunteer at the hospital. You taught us to treat the elderly with care and respect, even if that meant giving up our seat. You taught us to apologize and make things right. You taught us to not ask others to do for you what you can do yourself. You taught us to give to those in need. You taught us to steward our lives, money and time well. You taught us discipline with every piano lesson. You taught us the importance of celebration and celebrating people well. You taught us how to keep a clean house because it was a way of telling your guests that they were special enough to clean up for. And you taught us to pray, and there is such an undergirding of strength we find in knowing that our names are called before the Father at least twice a day from both of you.

As your daughters, we watched y’all navigate life when there was very little and y’all were working several jobs just so we could go to the best schools and have the nicest clothes. We watched y’all struggle but still remain together and smile even when it was difficult. We got a sideline seat to a hard work ethic, integrity, and a heart to help others, and I for one am very grateful.

They say the definition of legacy is the money or property left from one to another, but I say your commitment to 60 years of marriage is truly a legacy we ought all desire. Yep. You two are diamonds. And you may feel like you are diamonds in the rough, but you both are precious and priceless to me.“

Who do you need to bless with your words today? Who is the Spirit of God saying you need to say what is past due? Write it down. Speak it to them. Let’s love those around us well. Don’t miss these special moments that are so fleeting. 💙

And, if you haven’t registered for Together Marriage Conference, it is time! You want a 60 year marriage? Work at it! Here’s a great place to start: register here!

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