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The Truth About Women

How women are viewed today is both complex and controversial. Some have heard the phrase that the best place for women is “barefoot and pregnant”. Some women have thought of themselves as inferior or have been told that they are inferior to men. Others have fought to have equality with men. Still others believe they are superior to men. Some believe that to be a stay-at-home mother is to be weak, unmotivated, and purposeless.

Even the Church has over the years tried to land on exactly what a woman is and how involved they are allowed to be in Jesus’ church. They say things like, “Women are to be seen and not heard.” taking Scriptures out of context and making a woman less than the crown of creation that she is. There have even been in recent years church leaders who have described marriage in only sexual terms, making women out to simply be objects for their husband’s sexual enjoyment and fantasies fulfilled. How sick and misguiding they are.

It is time to arise and become the women GOD says we are, instead of bowing to believing that we are so much less than God intended.

It is time to stop wondering who you are as a woman, and what you are “allowed” to do and be in the world and in the Church. God’s Word speaks of a “woman of valor” in Proverbs 31. Not only is that word so vast, it’s deeper meanings are exemplified in Scripture by several women. Knowing this for yourself is the key to you moving into your purpose and destiny. Knowing these truths sets you free from the confusion that the world and the devil have tried to create about women, and free you to become all GOD created you to be. And sister, it is absolutely, stunningly beautiful!

Join me and 100 other women for a Deeper Dive exclusive into what a woman of valor truly is! Be enlightened to truth! Be prayed over for you to step into your calling as a woman of valor! I promise you that this is going to change your life!!!

Register for this weeklong revelatory teaching, August 2-6 at 10am CST each day through ZOOM! And no worries if you can’t be a part of the LIVE because each session will be recorded and emailed to you to watch and rewatch as long as you’d like!

We are limited to only 100 women and only have space for 36 more, so dive on in with us and invite a friend or two to join you! I promise you that what you discover has the potential to change everything!!!

Click HERE, to register, and I will see you this Monday, August 2nd at 10am CST!!!

Hope to see you there!

You are a much loved daughter!


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