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The Faith Umbrella

Ever heard the old saying “when it rains, it pours”? What is meant by that is that when a perceived bad thing happens, it seems as though more and more bad things happen.

So what do you do?

I have had and will probably have more days like this. It feels like I got punched in the gut, only to be punched again and again. They seem to come from unexpected, obscure places, that leave me flat-footed and unprepared and unguarded.

Often, we can be tempted to debate within ourselves, and others we vent to, whether this came from God or from the devil or just from life in general. We spend enormous amounts of time trying to figure that one out.

If you get caught in the rain, do you stand in that rain wondering where it came from? Was that an east wind or a west wind? Did a tropical storm bring that in? No! You are either hurrying to get your umbrella out or you are running for cover no matter where the source!

Don’t waste your energy wondering where the storms came from; get in God‘s presence and let Him cover you!

What is your cover as a believer? What is your proverbial umbrella? Where do we run to? What do we rely on?

I would like to suggest that it is faith in the promised words of God that protect you from the storms of life. When the rains come, spend your energy on getting in God’s presence and getting in His Word. That’s your covering that allows you to get through.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run in to it and are safe.” Proverbs 18:10

What does God say about your circumstance? What name of God do you need to run to and find shelter? Trust in who He is. Get a promise for your pocket and hang on to it with everything you’ve got! He will show Himself faithful!

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