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Starving Souls

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Today, you get the privilege to hear from my sister, and fellow journeyer on the road to deeper living, Terri Pierce. I love her dearly, and wanted you to hear what the Spirit said to her, as she dived in to Week 1 of the FREE study!!!

This past week in chapter one of our FREE Bible study, Jena talked about toxic things in our souls as well as what we are feeding our souls . She said “You’ve heard that old saying, ‘If two dogs are fighting which one will always win? The one you feed the most!’ So it is with your soul”. We sometimes are “feeding our soul with the lies of the world, the flesh, and the devil and you will never find the freedom of living abundantly. Starve your soul of these things and feed your soul with God’s truth and presence and you will find freedom!”

God always gives me visuals when I am in His Word; when He is speaking, confirming, and teaching me because He knows I’m a visual learner. The Loving God that He is knows that I need it to read it, hear it, and see it to help me learn and especially to share it and take others with me! I saw this post on Facebook the very next day after reading this example with dogs. A rescue story. A dog that was saved. It was horrid pictures of a neglected dog, literally skin and bones, which was near death. Thank God for our local Sherriff and Neely and others who spend countless hours rescuing, loving, caring and nursing these fur babies back to health. I don’t know what else is worse, dog fighting which we have a lot of in our town or being chained up and or starved almost to death.

But Jena is so right, sometimes we humans don’t feed our souls with the truth of God’s Word. Sometimes our souls are like these poor dogs that are rescued at our local shelter. I couldn’t help but think too how at times we are chained up and in bondage, our souls are ‘starving to death’. Chained and bound to the lies of the enemy. Starving for food and nourishment. Starving for value and self worth that can only be found in Jesus Christ! Starving to know who we are and what we are created to do on this planet earth! Starving for freedom in some area! Starving for the truth of God’s promises! How I’ve cried when I’ve seen dogs and horses like this who were malnourished. I can somewhat relate, my soul was in such a mess and bound to lies that I got down to 98 lbs. I know you have heard that saying, “if your mind is a mess your body will be a mess.” How sad God must be when any of His creations are living like this. Spirit, soul and body! Praise God who sent His son to die for us! While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Romans 5:8. He rescues us, He cuts the chains, He feeds us, He nourishes us and He wants to restore our soul! Thanks be to God! He gives life! He gives freedom! He is faithful! And after he rescues us & restores us, we can’t help but want to help others to be rescued & restored!

That is my testimony, He came to me and rescued me from an eternity in hell, and has been chasing me down with His love, mercy, grace, forgiveness and healing. He has been breaking chains, showing me the lies & He has been restoring me from grace to grace! He and only He, not the things or people of this world that I’ve turned to, has nourished my soul!

Thank you for Pastors and sisters in Christ who have prayed for me, mentored me, helped me grow, held me accountable and helped nourished my soul with the truths of God’s Word! Thank you Jena for taking me deeper and for doing all of the above! Iron sharpens Iron and you sharpen me! ️

Thank you Lord God!

Thank you Jesus!

Thank you Holy Spirit!

Get your copy of the FREE book, along with the companion DVD, and start your journey to freedom today! Subscribe to my blogs and to my new YouTube channel so that we can continue to live deeper together!

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