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Something Borrowed

In our culture, it is the tradition at a wedding for the bride to have some borrowed and something blue with her.

I was raised with two sisters: one older and one younger. We borrowed (or maybe just TOOK) things all the time. In college, I joined a sorority and had instant access to several girls closets as we borrowed one another clothes.

The whole intentions of borrowing is that it was to be used when needed and then returned.

Sometimes, as sisters, we need to borrow some faith from each other.

The best definition of faith is “believing the Word of God and acting on it, no matter how I feel, because God promises a good result”.

The truth is: sometimes when we are facing something that seems overpoweringly large in our lives, we feel like we have exhausted all the faith we have. We may know the Scripture that says all we need is the faith of a mustard seed, but we can’t even muster that up.

That’s when we need a sisterhood. We need a group of women who have your back, who genuinely love and care about you, and who will lend you some faith when you have none.

Last year was our first annual The Deeper Retreat for women. We launched right in the middle of COVID, but trusted the Father in what He was saying. The Lord gave us the idea to use paint sticks and have every woman write prayer requests on them. Then, as we left the retreat, we each took a paint stick or two to keep with us to pray for another person in need. We were lending our faith to another.

It reminds me of the story in the Bible where Moses sends Joshua into battle. Every time Moses held his arms up, they would begin to win, but every time he dropped his arms, they would begin to lose. The Bible says that two men, Aaron and Hur began to hold Moses’ arms up when he got too tired to hold them up himself. This is what borrowing someone’s faith looks like to me.

We are the Bride of Christ who is making herself ready for the Groom’s return. In the meantime, maybe we can offered something borrowed to other brides.

So, who needs to borrow your faith for a little while? Can you lend that to them Through a word of encouragement and through prayer?

And who needs to borrow some faith? I will lend mine to you in prayer. Just comment your prayer request.

You are loved,


Join a sisterhood of women for The Deeper Retreat, November 12-13 in Talladega, AL! Info and registration:

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1 Comment

Julie Etheridge
Julie Etheridge
Oct 21, 2021

Awww!! Jorja looked even more gorgeous on her special day!! She is such a beautiful blessing!! And her voice.... LOVE to hear her sing!! This is such a wonderful post! Can't wait for the retreat ;) have an amazing day!!

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