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Refinishing Friendships

In honor of Thanksgiving, and my gratitude for the gifts of friendship, I thought I'd blog a short little "Friendsgiving" encouragement. I just completed refinishing a piece of furniture for my daughter's new home. It was definitely process! First, she had to pick out the furniture that would best fit in her home. She looked everywhere until she found the perfect match and knew it was just the right piece for her home. Then, I began the process of stripping away all the old paint that had covered it over the years. As I stripped the wood, I uncovered layers of paint that I could not see from the surface. Once I got down to the original wood, I could see some flaws that needed to be repaired before I could finish the piece. Finally, I envisioned just how I wanted this piece to look when it was complete, and I began working toward that end.

I just put the finishing touches on the piece, and while it has been a work in progress, I am so proud of what this once old, now new piece of furniture has become. It will soon adorn my daughter's home, because I was committed to finishing this piece, taking it through every phase of its “becoming.”

In order for friendships to grow, they require commitment for the long haul. God brings friends as the perfect fit for us, much like a puzzle. We usually don’t stop putting a puzzle together until it is complete. We must be the same in our friendships. Both being a person and creating a safe place for another to "peel back the layers" of our lives to each other, and helping each other heal from our "flaws" is a beautiful gift of friendship. What an awesome thought that not only is God faithful to finish what He started in you, but He places people in your life who are committed to each stage of your “becoming” all He wants you to be. He also allows you the awesome priviliege to be a part of seeing someone else “become”.

Who in your life needs you to be committed to their “becoming”? Just like a piece of furniture being refinished and refurbished, will you allow God to do this in you? Will you allow Him to bring people into your life who will help you? And will you allow Him to use you to help another “become”?

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1 Comment

Nov 25, 2020

So good! I certainly would not be where I am today without the love of sisters. May we keep loving one another as we become who Christ called us to be! Thanks Jena!

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