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New Perspective New Focus

This past week I got major food poisoning. Needless to say, it was not fun. These are those moments when you catch yourself praying things like “Lord, if You heal me of this, I promise to serve You the rest of my days!!!” kind of praying!!! It was awful!

One night, as I laid up in the bed, just hoping my stomach ache would go away, it dawned on me that for the first three days, all I did was ask God to take the sickness away and heal me. But that night, the Lord changed my perspective and I prayed, “Lord, more than I want to be healed, I want You. You are all I want.” The next day, I started to heal.

Now, am I saying that when you change your perspective God will automatically heal you? No. Am I saying that you are sick because you have the wrong perspective? No! Here’s what I am saying: oftentimes, we miss what God wants to do in our lives through the circumstances that we face because we are so busy trying to get out of them or fix them, that we miss Him. We become so consumed with trying to fix the outcome that we miss the Someone.

Romans 12:2 says that I will be transformed when my mind is renewed. I believe that when my focus moved from the problem to the Problem Solver, that’s when breakthrough happened. And I believe that will happen for you, too.

So what circumstance are you in right now that may need a perspective change?

Instead of fixing the outcome, maybe you just need to start focusing on the Someone.

“Father God, I recognize that I have been spending enormous amounts of energy trying to figure out an answer to this problem. I have even spent a ton of time begging You to fix the problem I face. Today, I choose to stop focusing on the outcome and walk by faith in You. I want more of You through this situation. I want to grow in You through this. I want to be transformed through this so that I can be like you. And so I choose to praise You, to fix my eyes on You, and to trust You for the outcome. Help me to keep this perspective no matter how things may appear. In Jesus’ mighty name I humbly ask.”

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you where your perspective needs to change about a particular situation. Then you can begin partnering with Him in prayer, and even begin thanking and praising God in advance for all that He will do! You will see God do things you would have never imagined, all because the circumstances may not have changed but your perspective of them changed.

Stop trying to fix the outcome, and start focusing on the Someone!

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