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More On Boundaries

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

As we continue on boundaries, I would like to add that if the other person is one who you know you no longer need to be in relationship with, you can set your boundaries and not necessarily share with them your boundary unless they ask. More than likely, those people don't know or care. If they did, they would have stopped and you wouldn't be having to set one with them.

However, if this person is one who you hope to salvage the relationship, then it is only fitting for you to let them know of the boundary and why you feel you need to set it. That way, they are aware and can choose to respect it and change, or not.

For today, I want to encourage you to teach your children good boundaries. They need to know that their body is a boundary and that they can say "NO" if they do not like the way someone is touching them. They also need to know that they need to immediately come and tell you as the parent. They need to be told that that person may tell them not to tell, but to tell you anyway.

This also behooves you as a parent to not take your eyes off of your kids, knowing where they are at all times and who they are with. Other older children can become very curious... especially if their parents are careless and leave their door open for the children to observe. Then those children may go and act out what they have seen, so be aware and check on your children often, or play with them. Don't leave them because you need some "adult interaction". You can have that when you are confident that they are with safe people.

You also need to respect your child's boundary. Don't make your children hug or kiss a total stranger to them, just because you are friends with that person. Respect their "no" if you want them to hold to their "no's" and expect others to respect their "no's" as they grow up.

Respect their "no" if you want them to hold to their "no's" and expect others to respect their "no's" as they grow up.

Parenting must always be with the future in mind. God knows the end from the beginning, so, knowing your final outcome, He starts at the beginning to bring you to His expected end. That is to be the same way we parent our children. Ask God to give you a vision for what your children are to be like, and then work from where they are today to help develop them towards the vision God gave you for their future.

Do not expect your children to be adults. Do not expect them to have the mental capabilities or decision making skills or the maturity that an adult has. The Bible says in Colossians 3:21 "Fathers, do not exasperate your children, so that they will not lose heart.” Be patient with them. Help them develop and grow. Treat your child the way you want your Heavenly Father to treat you as you grow.

Treat your child the way you want your Heavenly Father to treat you as you grow.

Take these truths and bury them deep into the soil of your hearts as you parent.

And if you are a person whose parents or others never allowed you to set boundaries or they encroached on your boundaries, totally ignoring them, I am so sorry. You were disrespected and dishonored. If you feel like this has been the reason you now have a hard time setting and maintaining boundaries, I encourage you to ask the Lord to help you forgive and learn how to do that as an adult from this day forward.

And if the Holy Spirit is convincing you of times when you have infringed on someone's boundaries, maybe today you can either apologize to that person and seek to make that right with them, or ask the Holy Spirit to help you be more respectful of people's boundaries in the future.

You are loved,


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