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Marriage Matters

Marriage is important. It is important to God because not only did God create marriage, but He also made it to represent His relationship between us, His Bride, and Jesus, the Bridegroom. God made marriage so that we would have companionship as we journeyed this side of heaven. God made marriage to help us grow into Christ likeness. God made marriage to be the arena where He can do His greatest work to transform us and to prepare us for our purpose. Marriages matter. YOUR marriage matters a lot!

God established the Church and created it to be made up of families. Families begin in the context of marriage. SO, if we have weak, stale, and non-impactful churches, it may be because we haven't done a great job in strengthening the marriages in it. The Church at large has become a "joke" to so many. If we want our churches to be the precipice that God intended, we MUST emphasize and help grow the marriages in them.

When COVID hit, Dale and I were faced with the fact that churches were no longer going to be inviting us to lead marriage conferences in their churches for a while. That's all we have known and all we have done for over 20 years. But with this fact also came a question that we spent many hours discussing: did the closing of the churches, and the stopping of events, end our calling? The answer is NO! God saved our marriage after a devastating divorce and we are more confident now than ever that our story and teaching is needed. So, how would we keep ministering to marriages, women, men, and families without an invite from the local church? We talked and prayed, until God led us to our next leg of the journey.

SO with that, we are starting an online community called "Relationship University". Each month, we will teach a topic about marriage on our online FaceBook group. The topic for July is "Marriage Truths from the Queen of Soul" and will be July 19-23 at 7pm CST. Those teachings will be LIVE but of course if you can't make the LIVES, they will be recorded for you to watch at a more convenient time for you. If you'd like to participate in the Marriage Truths, you can register HERE. The cost is only $69. You'd pay A LOT more than that in one hour of counseling! And this will be around 10 hours in total teaching time!!!

But, if you want to become an annual member of Relationship University, where you are automatically registered for each teaching each month, you can register HERE. The cost for this is only $690 for 12 months!!! That means, you get two months FREE! Plus, we have added a ton of bonuses for those who become an annual member!! It's going to be so much fun!!!

To find out more about it, or to share with others, you may look below or click HERE!

I hope that you will prayerfully consider joining us and bring your spouse! Even if they won't join you, you come on and be encouraged and grow personally...I can promise you that your diligence and obedience will have a great impact on your marriage! Share and invite your friends! Let's get as many marriages as we can to come together and strengthen marriages, so the Church can be stronger!!!

Hope to see you soon!


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