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Lessons from the Lawn Guy

Today, I wanted you ladies to hear for another sister. She and I have been friends a long time and she has supported me and encouraged me so much through the years. I am grateful and honored that she is my friend, and as she shared how the Lord used something so natural to explain the supernatural, I just had to post it for you all as well. So, let the words of my friend, Melonie Clemons, sink in today as you yield to the Spirit's work in your life.

So, this morning as I was doing laundry; you know, that glorious chore that NEVER ends! I received a text from the guy who is going to spray/treat my yard and turn it into a lawn. I am so beyond excited about this. My sweet Todd is NOT the guy who even thinks about this. Mowing consists of him looking like the tasmanian devil as he hurries to get the job done!

But me, I'm my father's daughter for sure and love to work outside in the flower gardens. So, as I was talking to the wife of my "lawn guy", I told her how excited I am about getting my lawn looking like my neighbors', who also uses this service. Kelly reminded me that it will take time and it will probably look worse before it gets better, but it will look like my neighbors eventually. I assured her that I knew this and trusted them because I have seen my neighbors' beautiful lawn and that is why I am excited.

Then the Holy Spirit reminded me how I can trust my Abba Father. These trials and sufferings are His way of "weeding" out the sin in my/our life. It is hard and ugly. There will be bare spots where maybe we feel alone or like He's not hearing our cries. He has promised He is always working things out for our good and He has given us a glimpse of eternity and our Heavenly reward with Him. That is way more exciting than my yard turning into a lawn. And my cute little bunny may have to go somewhere else to bask in another glorious patch of clover, but I know the Lord provides for all His creation.

I pray your love and excitement for the Lord and all He has promised will open you up to Him completely and the beautiful freedom of walking this journey for His glory.

Great reminder, Melonie! Thank you so so much! Let's open up ourselves for the "weeding" out process!!!

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