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How Quickly He Comes

Since the Deeper Retreat, the joy and peace of God’s presence has been so evident with me. It has been amazing, and I want to stay in this place for forever! Even had a bit of a challenge and God was so near, His Spirit guiding me every step of the way. The situation couldn’t have worked out any better and I was at such rest through all of it! I am growing! I am transforming. I even asked the Lord to help me not get prideful or arrogant at the way it worked out because I had nothing to do with it. I simply pressed in to Him and He did it all.

That night, we had some folks come by and we played some pickleball. I finally felt like my true, real self was coming back! I was free! Free to just be me!!

And then, it happened. The enemy out of nowhere tried to take me out. A simple, non-threatening, every day incident turned sour quick. And boy, did it take me off guard! I was not ready for it!

1 Peter 5:8 in The Message Bible says this: “Keep a cool head. Stay alert. The Devil is poised to pounce, and would like nothing better than to catch you napping.”

Peter encourages us with two things: 1) “Keep a cool head”; in other words BE CAREFUL WHERE YOUR THOUGHTS GO! Our thoughts can go down a road that is not even sensible sometimes! Like blaming someone when they had no idea what you wanted! Or being mad at someone for not doing what you wanted them to, but you never asked them to do it in the first place! This is twisted thinking, and the enemy can have a “hay-day” with it! So, take a step into your souls and invite the Spirit in. I certainly had to, in my situation, and then began to think correctly about the situation, before I responded. 2) “stay alert”; “alert” means “an attitude of awareness and attentiveness, with cautious readiness for a possible attack.” I was not alert. I had let my guard down because I was tired, and the enemy pounced!

So, today, let me encourage us all with something I said at the retreat: When Attacked, Don’t React

When Attacked, Don’t React

Pull into your soul, and invite the Holy Spirit to enter into the situation. A quick jerk reaction usually results in hurt. But a spiritual response results in healing and growth.

In every circumstance, God wants you to discover more of who He is so you can recover more for who you are. But also in every circumstance, the enemy wants to destroy who God is for you so you never recover who you are. (selah: let that statement sink deep)

Just as we tell children to “use their inside voices”, use your inside voice, the voice of the Holy Spirit, to guide and direct your response to the enemy’s roar. Connect with the Spirit first and your response will be fruitful.

You are loved,


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