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Holding Pattern

With us approaching the beautiful season of Advent, I wanted to post a blog that my son, Cole, wrote, that I believe has such a powerful message for us today,

Holding Pattern – In aviation, holding is a maneuver designed to delay an aircraft already in flight while keeping it within a specified airspace.

Advent is my favorite time of year.

I find deep, satisfying joy in my faith when I am conscious of waiting and preparing. Maybe that is because this is where we exist in the 21st century. The entire earth has been in a holding pattern since Jesus rose to His seat in the heavenly realm.

But just like an airplane waiting to land, we aren’t to become still, stagnant, bored, apathetic, or carefree. No. Pilot crew and passengers must prepare. Seat belts fastened. Seats in the upright position. Tray-tables stowed and locked. Bags overhead or underfoot.

I love the suspense right before landing. I try not to watch the runway approach as we descend. Instead, I enjoy wondering when that touch will hit and we have made it to our destination.

That is what you and I are doing in this very moment. We do not know when the touch of heaven will change this earth again. We don’t know when He is coming back.

It is incredibly suspenseful.

I find it incredibly exciting.

I consistently hear people say something to the effect of “I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be a member of the jewish faith in the time leading up to the birth of Jesus”. But if I may be frank, I simply do not like that ideology. There is nothing that keeps us from understanding the longing for salvation.

It is where we are. It is who we are. It is what we are.

We are waiting.

Just as they were.

For deliverance from a world that is fallen.

We are home to the same emotions.

Waiting. Hoping. Wondering. Preparing. Trusting.

We hope. We wonder. We prepare. We trust.

We wait.

Advent is my favorite time of year.

May Cole’s words remind us

that Jesus is coming again,

and with joyous anticipation,

we must spend our time in preparation

for that beautiful moment.

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