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Hidden In Plain Sight

We are spiritual beings who happen to have a body right now, NOT bodies who happen to have a spirit! We are spiritual beings eternally. That is the part of us that lasts forever! Paul reminds us of this in 2 Corinthians:

For we walk by faith and not by sight.”

2 Corinthians 5:7

I was struck that I apply “walking by faith and not by sight” for me personally, but not for others. If the Bible constantly encourages us to love and serve others, how does this verse apply to that? In other words, how can I walk by faith in serving and loving others? I mean Paul also wrote:

Live a life of love.” Ephesians 5:1, and

Don’t look only to your own interest but to the interest of others.” Philippians 2:4

So, how does love and “walking by faith and not by sight” work together for the sake of others? How does “walking by faith and not by sight” get lived out toward those around us?

Normally, we use this verse to talk about that even when we don’t see how God will work things out for us personally, we will choose to trust Him. And that is true. And we encourage others in that same way: to trust God when they can’t see the future.

But in this Scripture, the verse is speaking of the fact that because we are living in our mortal bodies and so desire to be in our spiritual bodies, we continue to walk by faith that the longing for eternity will be fulfilled. So, we walk by faith: believing God’s Word and acting on it no matter how we feel because God promises a good result- while we are still on this earth, and, we must walk by faith when it comes to others, as well.

Normally, serving another person in our walks and journey through this life, as followers of Jesus, we see a need and we meet it. But often times, people are really good at hiding. They are really good at covering up. Following their parents, Adam and Eve, we have become really good at putting some pretty elaborate fig leaves on us! It’s hard to minister your another person when we can’t see the need before us. This requires us to understand and live out a deeper truth of “walking by faith and not by sight”.

So how do we walk by faith and help them when we cannot see the need?

We begin to ask the Lord, “What is love saying?” about this person. We ask the Holy Spirit to reveal a word of encouragement to us to share with them. Sometimes it may be one word, and other times a sentence. Still other times, you might get a picture of something.

Paul prayed that we would have the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that we could know God’s heart better. Part of the Spirit’s role for us is to reveal truth! So why not ask Him to reveal truth about another person so you can encourage them???

It’s super fun! Maybe this is the “abundant life” Jesus spoke about in John 10!

So let me encourage you this week to take your faith to another level! That as you walk through your day with Jesus, you, by faith and not by sight, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal an encouraging word to you about the people whose paths you cross! Then, share that word in love and watch how you uplift another person’s life!! You’ll find that your life is uplifted as well, because you are doing what God made you to do: you are bringing His Kingdom of life, light and love to the earth!!!

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