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He Left His Handprint

We had a such a great Thanksgiving with family as we gathered together and ate some yummy food and enjoyed one another in God’s Presence. It brings such joy to the heart! Our 20 month old grandson kept looking in this big mirror that I have, laughing and looking at himself, and leaving his green bean juiced handprints behind.

After everyone left, our home was once again quiet, and we began cleaning for Thanksgiving decorations to go up and Christmas decorations to come out! I noticed as I was cleaning up, all of those tiny handprints on my mirror, made by my adorable grandson.

As soon as the thought came to mind that I needed to clean the mirror, the Lord said, “Leave them.” I thought about those handprints: the way they leave a mark of where one has been; a reminder of the memories made that day; the comfort that comes as you long for another time with them. So so sweet. Then, I began to wonder about my own life.

It is the desire of every follower of Jesus to make a mark for Christ on this earth. To leave your individual and unique impression behind, when you leave. We want to make a difference...a difference that matters. But in order to be motivated each day to do what matters, we have to remember what God has already done in our lives, so we will push forward. For those who went to the Deeper Retreat, we must remember what God did within us so that we will continue to allow Him to work in us as we move forward. We can also feel a healthy sense of accountability to continue the work so that at the next Deeper Retreat, we will have something to share, about all God has done since that day!

So, as you get caught up in cleaning and preparing for Christmas, don’t miss the beauty in the mess. Don’t miss the handprints that were left on your heart...and your mirrors! And let the Spirit speak to you about the specific mark you are to leave on this earth as you make your difference in the lives you cross paths with. Let’s not lose sight of the value our handprints can have on those around us!

Don't lose sight of the value our handprints

can have on those around us!

In January, 45 women will grab a tribe of friends and go through the FREE study together, all over this nation and we would love for you to join us!! If you would be interested, send me an email to and we will give you the information you need to join us!!! Let’s makes our mark together!!!

You are loved,


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Dec 09, 2020

Good stuff!!!!

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