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Gun War of the Soul

I have not been around a lot of guns in my lifetime. I have shot skeet several times, but that is about the extent of it! I have simply heard through the years things like “pulling the trigger” or “using your trigger finger” to describe shooting a gun.

I do know that most guns have a safety on them that prevents the guns from going off accidentally or unintentionally. And based on the news, I know that there is a gun war in our nation regarding our right to own them.

But here’s where I feel led to go today with this: I believe that there is a “gun war” within our souls that if a “safety” was put into place, would keep us from some, if not all, of the physical gun wars we are seeing displayed in our nation.

Let me explain: all of us have had experiences, some more traumatic than others. These events make major impact on us and often their memories will stir some kind of protective, fearful, or even angry response from us. Whether it be a smell, a comment, or an action, this little possibly even innocent, thing can take us back to the very moment the situation occurred. Even as if it was happening all over again.

Those things are called “triggers” in our soul, and I believe that if we could “root out” that which triggers us, we would be able to put a “safety” or safeguard around us so that the trigger is never pulled, in reaction.

When you feel “triggered” I think the first thing we have to do is remove ourselves from the situation and pull inside to talk with the Holy Spirit, our Counselor, about it. We need to ask Him to reveal the feelings that were stirred by the “trigger”.

Things like:

I felt left out

I felt weak

I felt unheard

I felt shamed

I felt judged

I felt blamed

I felt disrespected

I felt rejected

I felt alone

I felt embarrassed

I felt invisible

I felt intimidated

I felt afraid

I felt mistreated

I felt frustrated

I felt misunderstood

I felt manipulated

Feelings are vital for you knowing what is going on within your soul (mind, emotions and will). Feelings are great indicators to help us know where we might need to readjust and realign to truth. However, feelings are NOT leaders. Feelings were designed to be followers, once truth has been established.

Sometimes, once this feeling has been identified, we can communicate how we felt with a safe person who can receive, understand, apologize if necessary, and encourage you as you move forward. They are now aware of your “trigger” and will refrain from whatever they did to contribute. Other times, the person is not safe or there was no person involved in the triggered feeling. Regardless, I believe your next step is to take those feelings to the Holy Spirit and ask for Truth.

It looks like this:

I might feel left out but the truth is that I am an adopted child of the King of King’s. I belong to the family of God. And nobody can make me feel left out of that! From that truth alone, I can begin to regain my confidence in who I am, because I realigned to Whose I am!

This is how we put 2 Corinthians 10:5 into practice...we learn to take control over our thoughts and make them line up with Truth! And Truth is not a thing, but rather a Who! Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth....”

So what is triggering you? Can you begin to root it out to the feelings that result and learn to take those thoughts and feelings to the Lord and get what He says about them? This is the key for putting a safety on your emotional gun, keeping you from pulling a reactive trigger that can cause unnecessary and destructive damage.

You are loved.

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