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For Our Children!

I have always had a deep love for children. I love their wonder, their carefree attitude, their faith, their joy, and their love and acceptance of you no matter what! You can learn SO much from being around a child! They really are such a gift!

I was a Children's Minister for around 10 years and can absolutely say that it was one of the special joys of my life. Watching children come to faith in Jesus, seeing them share Christ with their family and others, and getting to witness them growing in their walk with God was powerful! The thought that so many were already on their way to fulfilling their purposes was amazing to me!

After COVID, I talked to several Children's Ministers who were weary, sad, and depressed because COVID knocked their attendance down to nothing. The churches closed services, and the parents didn't partner well to engage their child with the online things created for them. As the churches are now slowly opening back up, there is great concern for what it will look like as people have become conditioned to stay at home and watch things online, instead of actually coming to church.

I woke up one morning and the Lord told me to start an online community, to help. With that, I have been diligently working to get this event ready for them! I am calling it "4 Days, 6 Ways to Jumpstart your Children's Ministry after COVID".

Here's how I sure could use some help: would you take a minute to forward this to every church and Children's Minister you know? I promise that if you get them to this event, they will be so appreciative on the other side of joining this online community !!!

For all the information they will need, they can see below:

Or, they can click HERE!!!

Do you know what a joy it is to encourage another person in the call God has placed on their lives? Do you know what it means to someone when you see the gift of God on their lives and you encourage them in that area?

The children are the future of the Church, so that makes Children's Ministry a very important part of our churches. I hope you will help me get the word out and join me in encouraging Children's Ministers to register for this online event!

We are all in this together,


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