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There have been so many times in my life where I have prayed and never had another thought about what I prayed. I’ve had those prayers answered and either was so busy that I totally missed it or I realized it and never told God “thank you”.

So, in recent days, I have been praying and then looking for how God will answer my prayers. I have asked the Holy Spirit to make me mindful to remember what I prayed for and to help me see God answer it as only He can.

Each week, I pray for my two year old grandson, Walter, from the Word of God. It is the joy of this Honey’s life to pray for him to grow into the image of Christ and to fulfill his God-given purpose.

Last week, I prayed this:

That next week, Walter came to my home to visit. He immediately went to my “catch all” drawer in my kitchen, pulled out my screwdriver, and went to the front door. I followed him and asked, “Walter man, what are you doing?” And he said, “I’m working.” Then, he proceeded to try to tighten the screw on the door handle. After a few attempts, while I cheered him on with some “Good job, Buddy!” cheers, he walked back to the kitchen, put the screwdriver in the drawer and moved to the next thing.

As my new week was about to start, I reached to change to my next Scripture verse to pray for Walter, and read last week’s verse. Right then, the Lord reminded me that He has answered my prayers for Walter to be a hard worker.

I literally sat there with so much joy. I felt so loved by Father God. I felt so seen. So important to Him. So delighted in, that He would answer in such a sweet way.

What an amazing “faith boost” it is, to not only pray, but to begin to see evidence of God’s response to your prayers! Wow! He not only hears, but He is actively answering you in ways that, if your eyes are spiritually wide open, you will get to see!!! That brings such strength to your faith! It brings you into deeper intimacy with the Father. It causes you to trust Him even more!!! It grows your relationship with Him!

So may I encourage you this week to pray, and to pray expectantly, looking for God to move. He is moving, whether we see it or not, but man, it’s awesome when we get to see it!!!

Join us for The Deeper Retreat, November 12-13, and enjoy some time praying and watching God work!!! For more info and to register:

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