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Christian Cohabitation

There’s a scene in the Disney movie Aladdin where Jasmine is confronted with a question from Aladdin — “Do you trust me?” — as he extends his hand for her to step onto the magic carpet. At that moment, she can pull away or step into the scary unknown with deep trust. Your Groom, Jesus, is asking you the same question, “Do you trust Me?”

Jesus is faithful. He offers you what you need to have faith. Jesus also has faith in you. But, are you faithful to Him?

Think of that word in terms of relationships, marriage, and affairs. To have an affair on your husband would be to say that you were “unfaithful” to him. Many couples are not even marrying anymore because they lack trust. They have seen their parents, even those who seemed godly and went to church regularly, divorce after years of marriage and have endured tremendous pain as a result. They want no part of marriage and have even declared that no one can truly be trusted anymore. They feel the best viable option is just to live together. That way, there is no long-term commitment made, and any time the relationship gets uncomfortable, they can just get out.

If anyone is worthy of our faithfulness, it would be Jesus. He has proven His faithfulness, He has given you the Holy Spirit to help you live by faith, and He has shown that He has faith in you to accomplish all that He created you to do. All He asks is that you remain faithful to Him in return.

Are you having an affair on your Groom?

Are you having an affair on your Groom? Does your love for the things and people of this world overshadow your love for Him? Do you truly trust Him or are you just cohabitating with Him, without any commitment to walk by His Spirit’s leading or to obey Him? Have you controlled and positioned the relationship so that you can get out whenever you get uncomfortable?

Christian cohabitation is when you control your relationship with Jesus in such a way that if it ever gets too uncomfortable and risky, you can get out.

I am not asking if you are saved. I am asking if you really trust Him or not. Is He really your Groom—the One to whom you are eternally committed, openly proclaiming, and willingly obeying? Is He the Lord of your life? Really? Are you just living with God or are you married to Him?

(excerpt from the LOVE study)

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Oh, how I love Jesus! Because He first loved me!

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