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Today, I want to encourage you to sit before the Lord and ask His Spirit to reveal to you the seeds you scattered in years past. What did you plant into the proverbial ground?

Maybe you scattered seeds of God's truth into people. Maybe you planted seeds of His truth in your own heart. Maybe you scattered seeds into what you believe is your purpose on this earth. Maybe you scattered seeds of restoration in a relationship. Maybe you scattered seeds of faith in your actions and/or prayer time with the Father.

You may have even scattered these years ago and it just feels empty and dark today. Maybe hopelessness has set in where hope once was because you've never seen any fruit from the scattered seeds.

Have you ever thought about the fact that when a seed is placed in the ground, it is cold and dark?

But you know what is happening under the surface, that you don't see? Growth. The seed is dying so that the hard exterior will be sloughed off and growth can occur.

Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean He isn't working.

Today, why don't you re-offer those seeds to the Lord. What if you re-placed them in His hands? What if in 2023, all the seeds you've scattered up until now, will begin to bud and bloom?

Invite the Holy Spirit to remind you of the seeds you've scattered in the past. Submit them to Him. Ask Him to activate those seeds and begin to grow them for His glory in your life and on those upon which they were scattered.

Then, keep an eye out for the blossoms.

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