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Always Something

Throughout my life, I have heard people say, "If it's not one thing, it's another; there's always something." "Something" is referring to a problem. Maybe an appliance went out or something broke. But more importantly, there is a problem or drama with another person.

What if the "something's" keep happening because there's something that's missing? SomeONE that's missing? What if you simply begin to include the SomeOne in your "something's" instead of trying to figure it out and fix it all yourself?

God sent His Son to die for all of your sin: your rebellion from God's government in the Kingdom of Heaven. It's rebellion of Jesus being the Lord and King of your life. Not including Him in your "something's" is rebellion from the Kingdom. He would call that sin.

When God sent Jesus to die for all of your sin, He no longer sees what is wrong with you, because He died for that. When you accept Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, He no longer sees what is wrong with you, He just sees what's missing. And, He LONGS for you to have what is missing: like love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, temperance and self-control.

When God Looks At You, He Doesn't See What's Wrong with You, He Sees What's Missing.

I believe that in all the "something's" you are experiencing, there is a place for you to partner with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to show you how to respond and be empowered to respond in a God honoring way.

Maybe you could trade in your doubt for Truth. Maybe you could trade in your anxiety and stress for Rest.

Maybe you could trade in your ownership for Giving and Stewardship.

What if you began to know what God's Word says about that situation and began to walk in obedience to it? What if you didn't let it get the best of you and you just rested in Who you know and what He can do? What if you saw all you had as His and you are just a steward of it? How would you spend your time, talent, and treasures differently?

May I encourage you today that there doesn't always have to be "something" going on. Take it to Jesus. Search His Word for how to respond. Invite Holy Spirit to help you respond in the right way. Stand back and watch the Lord do all the work, as you surrender. Feel His peace and rest come over you as you leave it all on His hands. Feel the joy in knowing you are

stewarding His gifts to you well. And be confident that He will bless you, for you putting Him in His rightful place as King and Lord of your life.

You are loved,


The Deeper Retreat was an amazing time in God's Presence together. Thank you for all who came and can't wait to see what the Lord has for us for next year!!! Keep seeking and using your Kingdom keys!!! They will never disappoint!

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