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A Sincere Invitation

If there is anything I have sought to do and grow in, it is in hearing the voice of the Lord more clearly and then knowing what to do with what I hear. Sometimes I just need to pray. Sometimes I need to be still. Sometimes I need to share. Sometimes I need to do something about it.

This is one of those times when I feel God is calling me to do something.

I have been coaching and helping people sort through their lives for a long time. I have seen countless women not knowing how to talk with their spouse, being talked down to, disrespected, misunderstanding what the Bible says about them, as it has been twisted by Christian leaders to silence them. I can no longer stay silent. I feel led to help.

I know the struggle. I've journeyed with so many in the struggle. I just want to help.

If you need major help or just a few tools to help you, this is for you. Join me July 31-August 3 at 8:30am LIVE via ZOOM, or watch at a time that works for you. The teaching will be sent to you. Also, there will be opportunity for you to send me specific questions that I can address anonymously during the teaching. I believe the Lord will use this in power to help so many.

Truly, EVERY a woman needs to join me, because EVERY woman needs to know the TRUTH; not only for yourself but to help others, as well.

Register HERE. Hope to see you there.

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Julie Hopper
Julie Hopper
18. 7. 2023

Amen!! Thank you friend for speaking out on this!!!

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