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A Mother's Highest Call

Mama’s are the most amazing women! They could run major corporations because of the myriad of hats they wear each day. I mean, really! They have multiple careers going at the same time! They are head chef, chauffeur, event planner, teacher, on call nurse, housekeeper, counselor, mediator, and so much more!!!

If there was one characteristic of motherhood I could elevate today that I believe tops them all is world changer! Yep, that’s right, world changer! Think about it: from conception, to birth, to schools, to marriage, to parenting, and so much in between, mothers develop the mindset... the perspective of how their child will view the world and how their child will respond to it.

Giving children a Biblical worldview sets them up for responding as Jesus would to the world around them.

What a gift! We can raise self-centered, self-consumed, takers, or we can raise others-centered, Spirit-consumed, givers for the glory of God! One is worldly minded, and the other is Kingdom minded. The Kingdom of God is most often opposite of the world. That’s why the Bible calls us aliens and strangers here. This is not our home. We are ambassadors to show people what home looks like! We must teach them but we must also MODEL before them, the Kingdom.

1 Corinthians 4:15-16 says this: “For although you could have countless babysitters in Christ telling you what you’re doing wrong, you don’t have many (spiritual) mothers (Jena changed) who correct you in love. But I’m a true father to you, for I became your father when I gave you the gospel and brought you into union with Jesus, the Anointed One. So I encourage you, my children, to follow the example that I live before you.”

Paul is speaking about the lack of spiritual fathers. I believe that there is a stirring...a calling up for spiritual mothers. This is the pinnacle of motherhood: Raising spiritual giants who change the world!!!

This is the pinnacle of motherhood:

Raising spiritual giants who change the world!!!

So, today as we celebrate motherhood, some will go to church and be recognized in some special way, while others stay home or dread going to church because their womb is still empty and this day absolutely is the most excruciating day of their year.

My encouragement to EVERY woman on this planet is this: EVERY woman can be a spiritual mother and experience the pinnacle of motherhood! Every single one.

(And I would LOVE to teach you how!!! Be on the lookout for a training in the Fall about this!!!)

So Happy Mother’s Day to all the physical Moms who wear the hats in often thankless ways without complaint. Thank you for all you do! You are so loved, appreciated and seen by God! You GET to shape a life to become a world changer!!! So let me encourage you to make that your top priority!!!

And the BIGGEST and HIGHEST Happy Mother’s Day to the women who are also spiritual mothers to their children or those the Lord has brought their way. You are amazing. You are walking in your calling. In your exhaustion, there is a greater purpose. In that life you are shaping is a world changer!

Happy Mother’s Day, Beloved.

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