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Welcome to the Even Deeper Blog!!!

I can remember vividly the very first time I felt this “call” from within to go into the deep end of our local swimming pool. It was 8 feet deep and WAY over my head! Part of me wanted to stay in the comforts of the safer waters, but the other part of me longed for the deep. And, man, when I started seeing everybody else enjoying the deep, it made the longing that much stronger! 

Maybe some of us feel that way about life. We know that there is more than we are experiencing and we are mixed with the feelings of what going deeper might require, and the compelling invitation to go deeper, that lingers in our souls. We see other people at a deeper place, and long for it, but are not really sure how to get there.

In Psalm 42: 7 says, “Deep calls to deep.” This is referring to what we may often see at the beach when one wave follows another wave without intermission. God’s longing for intimacy with you calls out from the depths of His heart, to the depths of yours. God longs for you to go out into the deeper waters of relationship with Him, and take others with you. He wants to take you deeper into His heart. Wave upon wave. There IS so much more, and your Abba wants to give it to you.

What will you find in these depths with God? The abundant life you have always wanted! John 10:10 says, “I have come so that they can have life and have it to the fullest!” You were created to live a fulfilling and vibrant life, even in the midst of what the world throws at you! You were created to live from the inside out, not the outside in! And we want to help you find it! Because if that’s what Jesus came to give us, then, let's go after it together!

That is what this blog site is all about: gathering a sisterhood of women and encouraging them to experience the life they’ve always wanted and to help others do the same.

There will be a variety of things you will experience, that will hopefully be compelling and lead to great discussion, sharing with others, and even life-change. Cause we all need that!  We will talk mainly about our relationship with God and others, but will also talk marriage, parenting, self-care body soul and spirit, recipes, reaching out to serve others, and more! While there will certainly be times we venture off the road (because I am definitely a rabbit chaser……squirrel! name the movie!), most blogs will be centered around living at a deeper place with the Father. And we all need to learn from each other to experience that, right? We hope that you will jump right in and start, or join, the conversations, so that we can grow together and then go together, and make a difference in our world, as He makes a difference in us!

So, tell your friends! Subscribe if you haven’t! You will receive all updates straight to your inbox! And the perk is that subscribers always get the news first, AND, the free stuff! So, quit standing on the edge of the pool! Sure the kiddie pool seems safer, but check out the fun everyone’s having in the deep end! The Deep is calling! Last one in is a rotten egg!

Who’s with us?!!

What might be holding you or others back from jumping into the deep with the Lord?

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