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Personal Adultery

Adultery. We hear it, and hope it never happens to us. We hear it, and say we would never do it. And yet, there is no doubt in my mind that we have ALL committed adultery against others, against God, and against ourselves.

I always try to look up words in the Bible when they are first introduced into Scripture. There is such a thing as The Law of First Mention. Some reject this, but I have often found that the first mention of a particular word in Scripture gives its most authentic definition, as other mentions can be variances of the root meaning.

The first mention of adultery is when God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. In Exodus 20:13, God said "Do not commit adultery." That word "adultery" is the Hebrew word "na'aph " and means "breaking wedlock", but it also means " a turning aside of God's people from the true God to the worship of idols, rebelliousness." Ezekiel 23:37 says, "and she commits adultery with stone and wood." It also means "to apostatize". To apostatize means that you have deserted or departed from one's beliefs and principles.

Have there not been multiple times that you have deserted you own beliefs? Your own "I'm never going to ...."? Your own "I would never..." And yet, we do.

We are quick to label an adulterer, and rake them over the coals, and yet, we ourselves are adulterating ourselves all the time. And before someone argues that sexual sin is so much more serious to God than anything else, I absolutely know the Bible says that. I also know why: because sexual sin is making a connection, even soul ties, with another and since our marriage relationship is symbolic of God's relationship with His Bride, the Church, it carries a depth of betrayal like none other. A betrayal not only with your spouse but with God who sees your marriage as a covenant.

My point is that we ALL have the tendencies to be lured away in our own desires. ALL of us. And in the words of Jesus, "those without sin cast the first stone". Let's be careful with our accusations, judgements, and words.

But here's my main point: let's take a look at this deeper meaning, get our eyes off of others, and see how this applies to us, repent, and do the deeds in keeping with this repentance.

I think we would all agree that our nation in many ways has departed and deserted the precepts, principles, and promises of God's Word. Our nation has chosen to worship (give worth-ship) people and things, over God. Perhaps the reason we see it in our nation is because the Church, God's people, have been doing the same. This is hard to swallow and her for me to even type, but we have to address this. We have to stop pretending that this doesn't exist. We have to stop mimicking the world and start obeying the Word!

God created us out of love because He wanted a family. He made a covenant with us. He said that if we accepted His Son, Jesus, as the payment for our own sin, and declare our belief in Him, we would be saved. Covenant once broken by sin (1st Adam), is now permanently established through Jesus and to all who accept Him. He will NEVER break His covenant with you. NEVER. But sadly, we often break covenant with Him with little to no thought. We commit spiritual adultery against Him.

May we today, become so humbly grateful for the covenant relationship we get to have with God through Jesus. May we become so overwhelmed with His love for us that He would give His one and only Son to die for us because He wanted us so much. May this reminder serve as an opportunity for us to evaluate and eliminate: evaluate areas in my life where I have strayed from my relational intimacy with God through Jesus, and eliminate anything that has set itself to intrude or interrupt that intimacy.

Let's start today to take our covenant with God seriously. And the next time we have the opportunity to point the finger at another, may we find ourselves at HIs feet again, repenting of our own spiritual adultery.

I love you all dearly,


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1 comentário

16 de jun. de 2021

This is so good! I pray to never forget my “first love”, the One who loves me more. His love sent His Son to the cross to die for my sins, and the Son willingly obeyed His Father knowing that He would receive the wrath intended for me and be separated from the Father in that moment. Jesus, the Son, knew the severity and we see that in the Garden of Gethsemene. THAT is what stirs my heart and commitment to the Father. Amen Amen Amen

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