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Identity Crisis

In the world of psychiatry, there once was a time when much was said about people having an identity crisis. Our past generations have experienced moments in their lives when they wondered who they were and questioned their meaning and purpose.

An identity crisis is defined as “a period of uncertainty or confusion in a person's life. This crisis occurs when a person's sense of identity becomes insecure and unstable. An identity crisis usually occurs when there's a change in a person's life.

If there has ever been a time when society has struggled with an identity crisis, it is now. It is rampant, it is being exploited, it is demonic, and it is grieving to the heart of God.

When I wrote the FIGHT study in the Living Deeper Discipleship Series, I felt that my goal was to teach an overview of spiritual warfare. During my personal study, the Spirit revealed to me something about John 10:10, “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come to give you life abundant.” Just a few verse later, it says that we are in the palm of God’s hand and nothing can snatch me out. So, I began asking the Lord, “If that the case, Lord, then what can the enemy steal, kill and destroy in me?"

I believe the answer is the last part of that verse. Satan wants to suck the abundant life that Jesus came to give us, out of us. So how does he do it?

Satan wants to suck the abundant life that Jesus came to give us, out of us.

The Holy Spirit revealed these three things to me: satan wants to steal our inheritance, kill our dependence, and destroy our identity. We see these three elements in the Garden. Adam and Eve are challenged with regard to what they have, tempted to act independently from God, and questioned about who they really are.

In Matthew 4, when Jesus is led into the wilderness to be tempted by satan, it is over these three things: inheritance, independence, and identity.

The Church has been weakened in the early days of Christendom because we were unaware of the riches, inheritance, power, and resources given to us to take back authority, that the enemy tried to steal. The Scripture says that He has given us everything we need for life and godliness, and yet we have not taken those resources and applied them, leaving the Church weak and powerless.

Next, the enemy came against our dependence. He doesn’t want us to live totally dependent on God, but rather tempts us ALL the time to act independently from God…to go out on our own and make things happen. Without saying it, we choose to believe that we can do it all by ourselves. We say by our lifestyle, “I don’t need God.” As a matter of fact, we work so diligently to have everything controlled and have actually set our lives up to a place where we need no faith. And yet God says without faith it is impossible to please Him. We don’t take risks. We don’t step out in faith, believing God for great things He put in our hearts long ago. The Church takes blow number 2 and again is viewed as powerless and weak.

Today, we are seeing the last great attack of the enemy and his demonic forces, assaulting our identities. Men thinking they are women and women thinking they are men. The transgender agenda is being harshly and forcefully imposed upon our children, and it is absolutely a demonic attack and satan’s last ditch effort to suck the life out of God’s created.

I believe that God welcomes an identity crisis. I believe that God welcomes conversation with Him about who you are and who He made you to be. He delights to partner with you to become everything He created you to be. He doesn’t want you to be status quo, a copycat version of everyone else around you. He doesn’t want a bunch of people mimicking one another. He made every person unique, with various anointing to edify the Body which is the Church.

The only One who can tell you who you are is the One who made you.

The only One who knows what you were made for is your Creator; and He is the One who defines you; nobody else; not even yourself. In order to fulfill your purpose, you must walk with Him so He can reveal it to you! So take Him by the hand and let Him reveal your purpose. You stepping into that will be so powerful and supernatural; you will know that you are right where you are supposed to be.

This whole gender confusion is an attempt by the author of confusion himself: satan. Don't let him deceive any among you with this one.

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