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Weathered Together

There's something that happens between two people when they have had to weather storms together. When they've had to hang on to each other through a literal tornado, or some traumatic event. They may not have even known each other before it happened, but now they are best of friends because they experienced something so difficult together.

I heard some friends who gave birth to their Down syndrome son say, "You can run from each other or run to each other." This couple ran to each other and their son, Joel, is absolutely amazing.

Another couple ran from each other, demanding whose DNA caused this tragedy and they are now divorced.

I've had friends who lost their beautiful daughter to childhood cancer and they have clung to each other through thick and thin. They chose to weather the storm together.

My parents, Jack and Sandra, celebrated 61 years of marriage together on Saturday. 61 years! What an anniversary to celebrate! What a gift! Not many have that testimony! And I can promise you that these two have clung to each other through some amazing times and some extremely difficult times.

When I called them to celebrate with them, they were headed to dinner and the only thing they said was, "We have had such a blessed life." They didn't bring up the bad times. They didn't share the tragedies. They just celebrated the blessing of God to give them each other for 61 years.

61 years means you don't quit on each other when it gets tough. 61 years means that you have offered a ton of grace. 61 years of praying for another. 61 years of offering mercy even when they didn't deserve it. 61 years of hanging in there because you know that there are two imperfect people in the mix we call marriage. 61 years of having a third strand in the tied rope of their marriage: that being Jesus.

Ecclesiasties 4:12 says, "A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."

Being and staying together is worth it. It is hard. It is gut wrenching. But with Jesus as the third cord, it is blessed, and you will be blessed for staying in there and fighting for your marriage TOGETHER.

Dale and I will be hosting our annual Together Marriage Conference, February 24-25, with an extra night stay for date night and more worship on the 26th. We'd love for you to join us. Let's do what we can to have the same

Legacy as my parents. Let's make our marriage something we work to make better TOGETHER. Click HERE for more info.

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1 Comment

Julie Etheridge
Julie Etheridge
Jan 21, 2023

Happy belated Anniversary to two special people!! Thank you for your extraordinary daughter who means so much to me!!

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