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The Divine Mark of Motherhood

Yesterday, I got the privilege to speak at a church for Mother's Day. It was such an honor. I was going to post what I spoke, but instead, I feel as though the Spirit is telling me to encourage you to watch it. Here's the link:

You can also go to my Facebook page (Jena Forehand) and watch it there. (You can drag the timer over and pass the worship to get to the message if you are pressed for time.)

What you will hear, I pray, changes the way you are looking at life. You are not an ice dispenser. You are the housing of the Holy Spirit and you get the privilege to share with your children what the Holy Spirit is like as you mother them. What a gift!

You were marked by the Holy Spirit. He is deposited in you to help you until Jesus returns for you. What a Divine mark! So, watch, receive, and be encouraged.

Happy Mother's Day!


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