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Stitches in the Head

This past week, I walked into the gym to hear that one of my fellow workout buddies had a son who was at school on the playground, and busted his head open.

The very next day, I walk into the gym and see another friend, who quickly grabs her stuff and runs out the door, only to find out that her son had also busted and cut open his head as well.

I was like, “Okay, Holy Spirit, what is that about?”

I believe that the enemy is in an all-out attack right now on our minds. I especially believe he is attacking our thoughts about our identity, to make us question and doubt God’s purposes, plans and significance as His created. I’ll take it one step deeper and say that he is attacking our children, particularly our sons.

Who tells you who you are? Who tells your children who they are? Is it your success, your wins, your status, your popularity, your achievements?

You are a mighty warrior! You were created by God for great purposes. There are seeds of greatness in you, planted inside of you before the foundation of the world! You are very important to the Kingdom. You were important enough to die for!!!

You need to know this! Your kids need to know this! And don’t count on your church or your teachers or their friends to tell them! YOU must know it for yourself and model it in front of them, and spend your time reminding yourself, them and others of this truth!

Jeremiah 29:11....God has plans for you. Plans to prosper you. Plans to give you a future. Plans that make each day filled with hope, a confident expectation that God is at work in you and through you to fulfill your God-given purposes.

Each of of these boys had to get stitches. I think it’s time to take out the thread and stitch up the places where the enemy has sought to attack with lies, doubt and deception. Stitch up your soul with Truth! Stitch up your children and grandchildren’s soul with truth! And do it so often that when anything is said otherwise, they totally ignore it because they are so confident in the Truth!

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