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Soles for Souls

Ya’ll! I am SO excited!!! We have an opportunity to collect our used or new shoes as a fundraiser for LDM! Funds2Orgs takes the shoes and refurbishes them to give to people all over the world in need while sending us funds!!! All that we make will go towards helping the women in prison!!!

We have to get 100 bags that hold 25 pairs of shoes to make $1,000! BUT if we can collect 160 bags of shoes, we can make almost $2,000!!!

So let’s lock arms and get to talking this up! We will have a “bagging station” at The Deeper Retreat so everyone can bring their shoes there! We can pray over them and then, Funds2Orgs comes and picks them up!

If you can’t make it to the retreat, you can drop them off at my home and we will take them! DM me if you want to do that!

Can hardly wait!!! Start gathering up all of your shoes!!! And your neighbor’s shoes, and your family’s shoes. And anyone else‘s shoes!!! You can even make it a church wide event!!! So get creative and let’s see what God will do!!!💙

For more information and to register for the retreat: go to

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