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I grew up with Lynda Carter being Wonder Woman. I also grew up with Lindsey Wagner as the Bionic Woman. Why did we do our best to never miss a single episode of their television show?

I would suggest because they were powerful. They had these powers that could overcome anything they faced! They were victorious! And they were victorious without a single hair out of place nor smudge of their make-up nor sweat on their brow! They were amazing!!!

What if I told you that you, too, can experience power? It is available to all Christ followers, we just haven't been taught how to lay hold of it!

November 18-19, I will be teaching about how to apprehend power in your life at The Deeper Retreat! I would humbly ask that you would prayerfully consider coming and joining us as we gather around the presence of God and listen to Him speaking and transforming us from the inside out!

and register and let's go from a powerless life to a powerful one!!!

Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman ain't got nuttin on us!!!!

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