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Intentional Sisterhood

Just yesterday, I witnessed what authentic sisterhood looks like. A 25 year old young woman was deeply wounded by an older gentleman who called himself a Christian, but certainly did not act like one. As we were all busy about our day, I noticed a lady had stopped by to pick up something. What should have taken 5 minutes, had taken her an hour. I remember thinking, "What is she doing in there?" A few minutes later, I saw her come out, jump in her car, and head home. She didn't share what she was doing. She didn't care what others thought.

I later found out that she had come intentionally, NOT to get her package, but rather to bring a gift to the young woman that was hurting. She gave her time. She listened. She identified. She encouraged her. She purchased a card to remind her. She loved her with the love of Jesus. This is the essence of sisterhood.

In Matthew 20:30, Scripture says that Jesus and His disciples were leaving Jericho, and a large crowd was following them. But in the busyness and chaos, two blind men yelled out to Jesus for help. The Bible says these two beautiful words, "Jesus stopped." How powerful.

Jesus could have been caught up in His own platform, priorities, position or pressing purpose at that moment, and yet, He stopped. He stopped to care for the one who was crying out for help. I praise God that Jesus stopped for me. I am thankful that He stopped for me when I called out to Him to save me. Jesus stopped for me. Wow.

And we have been called to be like Jesus.

Yesterday, I saw firsthand what authentic sisterhood is all about. It's about stopping for the one who needs Jesus. Who needs encouragement. Who needs someone to listen and care. Who needs to know that they are seen, heard, and prayed for.

Who is God going to put in your path this week for you to stop for? Be alert for one, and intentionally stop for a sister who just might need you.

What have you found often keeps us from stopping?

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