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All Access Pass

Years ago, our family was given the privilege to receive All Access Passes to meet and greet the contenders of American Idol. Our friend, Mandisa, had secured the passes for us, and we had the best time as one conversation led to another, then pictures, autographs, and more! It was certainly a memory we will never forget!

What if I were to remind you today that you have an all access pass to the Father?

When I felt like God was calling me back to blogging again, I kept thinking about open doors; about how my blog is really an invitation into my walk with the Lord. It feels a little vulnerable, a little risky. It's as if someone has come knocking on the door to my soul, and I hospitably open the door wide, and let them in. I wouldn't just let ANYBODY into my physical home, and yet a blog is certainly opening the door to EVERYONE! With it, could come a little trepidation as some might try to pick apart every word to find cause to crucify you. How sad that followers of Jesus slam doors in each other's faces, instead of lovingly having conversations, and growing together.

Yet, Jesus came for all. He loved all. He gave Himself in complete vulnerability to all. He willingly and even delightfully opened the door of His soul to EVERYONE. He was able to do that because He knew the deep love of the Father that was so much bigger than the Pharissee, the scoffer, and the devil. And His life, death and resurrection gave us complete access to the Father. Because of Jesus, we all have an all access pass to the heart of God. Wow. The wonder of that statement.

Revelation 3:20 says that Jesus stands at the door and knocks, and if ANYONE will hear His voice and open the door, He will come in and make her to share in the most intimate places of His heart.

Meredith Andrews sings a song called "Open Over Us" [Listen here: ].

Part of the lyrics say this,

"We give You access to our hearts;

and You gives us access to all You are."

As several women contribute to this blog, we will all be opening the door and giving access to our souls, our most intimate place with the Lord. We have no fear, because the deep love of the Lord is greater than any scrutiny we might face. As a matter of fact, we are delighted and eager to share our hearts with you, and watch God work in all of us, as we seek Him together!!! We trust that God will use these blogs to open up more of Himself to all of us.

Because of Jesus, we have full and complete access to the heart of the Father. The question is: does the Father have an all access pass to yours?

What might be holding you back? Perhaps somewhere along the way, your heart's dorr got closed. Maybe we could all practice together that every time we open a door, we say to Jesus, "Thank You for opening Yourself to me; I open myself up completely to You."

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