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A Splash of Color

I have always said to my husband, friends and children, "I am SO thankful that God didn't make our world black and white. It would be so boring. I like His little splashes of color in our world!" The vivid colors that we get to experience in the sky, the trees, flowers, and even snow, leave us in awe and wonder at how great our God is.

And yet, we often allow our relationships, specifically with God and our spouse, to fade into black and white. Busyness, apathy, neglect, and laziness can cause us to get in a rut of the mundane, where it seems as though there is just no life in either relationship. But that's not God's plan.

Watch this video...

Please take a minute to prayerfully consider joining me and my husband, Dale, along with several of our dear friends for our annual marriage conference, TOGETHER at the SPRINGS!!!! This is our 8th year hosting this amazing, Spirit-Filled and Spirit-led event, and we are confident that if you will just get in the room together, God is going to meet with you in powerful ways!

The dates are February 26-28, and we would be honored for you to join us! Worship, The Word, Breakouts, great fellowship, and Date Night are a few of the reasons you want to get to this conference! SO, for more information and to register, click HERE!

Make your plans to put a little splash of color into your relationships with God and your spouse. I'm telling you, you don't want to miss it!!!

RIGHT NOW, we are extending the early bird special for those who want to get this for their spouse for Valentine's Day! We will only have it available for a few days, so jump on it!!! This would be a great gift for Valentine's Day, and your spouse will love it!!!!

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