The DEEPER House

A Christian Residential Program for Women

Women helping women walk with God is indeed the cry of my heart.  It is also Jesus’ desire for us, revealed in His words, “Go and make disciples.” King David in the Psalms said, “Deep calls to deep”, and I believe it is God’s desire for us to live at a deeper place with Him, and take others with us.

It is from this calling that Living Deeper Ministries was birthed and the Living Deeper Series of Discipleship was written. For the last five years, I have been traveling the country, encouraging women in their walks with the Lord, and helping leaders establish a viable discipleship ministry pathway for their women.

In studying the vast needs for women, I discovered the disturbing statistics of recidivism, women in and out of prison. God began stirring in me, “If women would begin to learn to walk in deeper waters with God, they could then minister to these women and help them find God as well.” From there, God developed a fourfold ministry involving Reach (ministering at the root to young female students, in partnership with First Priority); Reform (partnering with government institutions to form legislature concerning women); Restore (discipling women through the Living Deeper Series); and Reintegration (helping women find deep healing and transformation so they can get a second chance in life).

As part of the Reintegration piece, God has laid on my heart the need for a Christian housing facility for women. It is my desire for this to be a free of charge Christian residential home that helps women who are recently released from prison and need a place to get back on their feet. This will include professional Christian counseling to help them with any strongholds of eating disorders, self-harm, depression, unplanned pregnancy, and relationship restoration with family, spouses, and children.

It is my desire that each woman who enters our doors will truly find the freedom that is available in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I would like to give back ten percent of our donations to other ministries, and to not take any funding that would hinder us from sharing Jesus. He is the One and Only Source for true and lasting freedom!

How You Can Help:

There are many ways you can help, but here are a few ideas:

1. Pray:

become a part of our Prayer Team as an individual or as a women’s ministry or small group (to be a part and receive emails with the prayer requests, contact us HERE and enter “put me on the Prayer Team“)

2. Promote:

post and share information about the Deeper House on social media and have Jena come share about the Deeper House at your next event; this will help us bring awareness to this critical need in Alabama (click HERE to start the conversation about having Jena speak)

3. Participate:

make the Deeper House one of the ministries you support and serve (to partner with us and receive emails with needs, contact us HERE and enter “we want to be a ministry partner“)

4. Provide:

give of your time, talents, and treasures, by serving, giving to the needs that arise, and donating financially through a one-time donation, monthly giving, or fundraising event (click HERE to give)


Thank you for prayerfully considering  your partnership and participation with us. Let’s lock arms together and make a difference in our city for the glory of God!


Jena Forehand

President and Founder

Living Deeper Ministries and The Deeper House