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Jena Forehand speaking

  Date Event / Event Details City / More Info
+ 01/19/2018—01/21/2018
Let's Get Real Marriage Event Jacksonville, FL
   Public Event
+ 01/27/2018
Women's Brunch Cullman, AL
  Sponsor:LIFT Kick-off 
Venue:Crosshaven Church
Cullman, AL
+ 02/09/2018—02/11/2018
Let's Get Real Marriage Conference Dallas, TX
   Public Event
+ 02/23/2018—02/25/2018
Together at the Springs Marriage Conference Talledega, AL
  Venue:Shocco Springs
Talledega, AL
Public Event
+ 04/06/2018—04/08/2018
Together at the Lakes Marriage Conference! Lake Wales, FL
   Public Event
+ 04/27/2018—04/29/2018
Ladies Retreat Guntersville, AL
  Sponsor:First Baptist Church, Guntersville, AL 
Venue:Dream Ranch
Guntersville, AL