HERE: Day 30

Matthew 20:1-28

Gypped. None of us like that feeling. As kids, we feel this way when another kid gets a bigger portion of cake than us. Or as a teen, when a sibling gets some form of preferential treatment. As adults, we feel this way when we are overlooked, underpaid, or taken advantage of. We feel “gypped“. […]

HERE: Day 29

Matthew 19:13-30

“What’s in it for me?” Boy, if this isn’t the way our society and culture thinks! If someone helps you, they often expect you to return the favor. There always seems to be strings attached, because we have set ourselves up as a very selfish society. Jesus has been healing people, feeding 5,000, debating with […]

HERE: Day 28

Matthew 18:21-19:12

Forgiveness. We willingly receive it, but oftentimes won’t give it away. It’s what restored relationship with God, but we, too many times, won’t allow it to restore our earthly relationships. We so often stand in need of it, yet won’t let anyone else stand there. Jesus spoke pretty plainly about the importance of forgiveness. There […]

HERE: Day 27

Matthew 18:1-20

If any of you have heard me speak in recent days, you may have heard me teach on humility. I believe it was the primary characteristic of Jesus’ life, and it is God’s desire for us to be like Him. Humility is foundational to our faith and paramount for the world to see an accurate representation […]

HERE: Day 26

Matthew 17:10-27

“How many times do I have to tell you…..?” My mother said this to me numerous times in my childhood, and I said it numerous times to my children. Over and over again, parents try to get into their children’s thick sculls some truth that is so simple, yet it seems their kids have the […]

HERE: Day 25

Matthew 16:13-17:9

There are many great leaders in the Bible. From Abraham, to Moses, to King David, they led a nation to great triumph, a well as through difficult days. There is much out there today about the raising of a leader. I believe Jesus reveals so much about what He views as the characteristics of a […]

HERE: Day 24

Matthew 15:29-16:12

I have the most awesome privilege to go and minister at the prisons on Mondays nights. The ladies there are absolutely amazing and their walk with God, understanding of His Word, and faith in His Will runs deep. When I first started going, I thought I had so much to offer and was going to […]

HERE: Day 22

Matthew 14:13-36

Your dear friend has just been murdered. The last thing you want to do is minister to people. You are empty with nothing to give. Right? Yet, Jesus, showing us the heart of the Father, presses through His earthly pain and grief, to minister to others who are hurting. That is challenge enough for the […]

HERE: Day 21

Matthew 13:47-14:12

Many years ago, I was at a small group Bible study that was meeting in my friends’ home. One young mother began crying and sharing how she and her husband had given birth to children back-to-back and she was overwhelmed with exhaustion and guilt because she was no longer getting to spend any time with […]