HERE: Day 22

Matthew 14:13-36

Your dear friend has just been murdered. The last thing you want to do is minister to people. You are empty with nothing to give. Right? Yet, Jesus, showing us the heart of the Father, presses through His earthly pain and grief, to minister to others who are hurting. That is challenge enough for the […]

HERE: Day 21

Matthew 13:47-14:12

Many years ago, I was at a small group Bible study that was meeting in my friends’ home. One young mother began crying and sharing how she and her husband had given birth to children back-to-back and she was overwhelmed with exhaustion and guilt because she was no longer getting to spend any time with […]

HERE: Day 20

Matthew 13:24-46

My mother has a green thumb. I did not inherit the green thumb, though sometimes I sure wish I had! Some of her plants are called “variegated“, which basically means two plants are taken and “mutated” together to form a plant that has two colors varied throughout. They are not a “pure” plant species, but […]

HERE: Day 18

Matthew 12:22-45

As a young college student, the soap opera “Days of our Lives” was such a hit. I can remember that everything revolved around making sure you were in the dormitory lobby with a Dr. Pepper and cold pizza from the night before in time to see the next episode. Always leaving you with a cliffhanger, […]

HERE: Day 17

Matthew 12:1-21

“Honor the Sabbath day and keep it holy.” Exodus 20:8 says pretty clearly how important Sabbath rest is to God. The origin of the Hebrew word for Sabbath is derived from the verb “sabat“, meaning “to stop, to cease, or to keep“. Its theological meaning is rooted in God’s rest following the six days of creation (Genesis 2:2-3). […]

HERE: Day 15

Matthew 10:24-11:6

As a kid, I was convinced that my Mama had eyes in the back of her head! NOTHING I did went unnoticed. I was always so amazed by that. Clearly the Holy Spirit was helping my mother! In addition, NOTHING I did wrong ever went unpunished! I am so grateful today for that, though I […]

HERE: Day 14

Matthew 10:1-23

Your children become 15. They get their driver’s permit. You make them read the study guide backwards and forwards. You get in the car with them behind the wheel and slowly but surely coach them along as they learn to drive. Then, the day comes when they turn 16, and you look in your rearview […]